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We are here, we always have been. We are the LIGHT that was put into this body in the moment we are born. I am All; you are One. I am One; you are All.


A circle of LIGHT surrounds us, and we begin again in this circle that we are in. There is a circle, within a circle, with no beginning, and no end.

Cecilia’s Testimonial: When Juvy invites me to the temple, I feel relaxed, with a peaceful, light feeling around me, with a lot of hope. When I first met Juvy and he opened the door, I felt a connection with God and Earth together. I could see through his eyes that he was a very peaceful and incredible, gifted human being, and I knew at that moment that my child was going to healed and be free from her torments. I knew that it was the beginning of the end of our pain. He took my daughter into the temple, I felt relaxed because I was in the living room, and I closed my eyes and said thank you to God for giving us the opportunity to help my daughter. A blessing through the help that she was getting from Juvy and I said thank you God for finding the right. When I saw her pain as a mother, it was agonizing to see such a beautiful person in so much pain, because all she had around her was sadness, depression, and it was very painful to see her in that condition. When she left after the first day in the process of healing with Juvy she said “I believe in him. I am in love with his soul. I am coming back. He’s really unique. He’s the person we’ve been looking for, because I needed a miracle to keep going. I don’t know why I feel that I knew him already. Cecilia, tell me, who is he? I’ve seen him somewhere; I don’t know if it was in my dreams or in another life, but his face looks very familiar to me. I’m coming back tomorrow and I’m going to take care of myself, because I know he cares and he has a gift from God.” By the third time she went to Juvy, she said “I’m very very sure that I’m in the right place and that God sent me there.” After that, he did a beautiful ceremony in the name of God. The next day, and the rest of her days, she has been a happy person. She feels very grateful to God and to the person that God sent to help her. Now she’s married, her dream come true, like in a fairy tale.






 It was a pleasure to meet Juvenal in 2008, as we were both setting up altars to the Mother. I instantly felt a deep connection to him.
Last year I attended one of his Full Moon Ceremonies and we have been together every since.
  Juvy works from his heart in Love, as a healer his natural intuition leads him to the place where the healing needs to occour, bringing up the things that we need to face and remove for our own healing. He has intergrated a knowledge of herbs that help us on the physical level.
  He has taught me about harvesting crops from the Earth Mother, by asking and recieving in graditude, he has taught me that when we cook in LOVE, our bodies recieve that vibration and we are healed by what we eat.
  It has been a great HONOR to have him in my life. he has opened my eyes to help me to see who I truly am, and encourages me to bring my Heaven to Earth.
                                        Sherri Kaye Walters

Nuria’s Testimonial: My healing process with Juvy's guidance and help has been a life-changing experience. He's guided me back to the light. I feel alive, healthy, full of life and love! The light is back in my eyes and people that know me have noticed my change.
I am very fortunate to know Juvy and I encourage anyone that has the opportunity to visit him to do so. The time to heal is now and he's here to guide you towards it. Many blessings, Nuria
El de arriba es un draft de mi testimonio. realmente es dificil poner en pocas palabras todo lo que he recibido de ti. Tu amistad, amor y compania han hecho tanto bien para mi que no hay palabras para describirlas, pero seguire inspirandome. te quiero mucho querido juvy y estamos en contacto.


Gema's Testimonial: 


Caminante no hay camino – se hace camino al andar paso a paso, verso a verso… pues eso, llegar hasta aqui ha sido cosita de muchos pasitos que al darlos uno recibe los versos que la vida te da en forma de bendiciones.


Y con ello quiero agradecer la bendición que ha sido llegar hasta los niños de la luz… en el mes que hé podido disfrutar en este lugar he séntido como mi alma se purifica en un espacio de Amor y comprension… Quedandome cada vez mas clara la mision tan importante en este nuestro planeta… Siento que aqui venimos a sanar nuestras relaciones tanto con personas, animales, cosas, el medio, toda y cada una de las maneras con las que tenemos que convivir. Ahi tenemos una prueba a superar para avanzar hacia via de evolucion digna que nos lleve a caminar a todos de la mano trabajando por lo mas importante, que es traer la luz al mundo, hacer que el paraiso regrese a nosotros.


Gracias una vez mas a Juvy y Andrew por estar juntos y junto a mi, por que cuando me falten las fuerzas vengais a mi mente para poder encontrar la paz que encuatro en vuestra presencia.




Y despues de las benditas gracias una petición. Pido por que todos vuestros sueños sean sueños llenos de amor porque esos van al cielo y de alli a donde tengan que ir. Y deciros que mi casa estara siempre abierta para que pronto os vea llegar.


OS AMO  Gema


English Translation: Traveller is no way - way when walking step by step becomes, verse to verse… then that, arriving here has been a small thing of many little steps that when giving them one receives the verses that the life gives you in the form of blessings. And in this way I want to be thankful for the blessing that it has been to arrive at the Children of the Light… In the month that I been able to enjoy this place I have felt my soul purified in a space of Love and understanding… More and more clear understanding that is so important to the mission of our planet… I feel that here we come to heal our relations much with people, animal, things, beings, everything and each one of the ways with which we must coexist. There we have a test to pass and advance towards a worthy evolution that takes us walking, all in hands, but the important thing, to bring the Light to the world, to cause the return of Paradise. Thanks once again to Juvy and Andrew for being together and next to me, so that when I need the strength, it will come to my mind and I’ll be able to find the peace that I found in your presence. Thanks… And after blessed thanks, a request: I ask that all your dreams are dreams full of love because those go to the sky and from there is where they must go. And I say that my house will be always open so that soon it sees you arrive. I love you, Gema