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 Andrew at Bunny Flat
Azrael's Day (Dia de los Muertos), Oct 31-Nov 2, 2008.
Death surrounds me, takes me in. I need the shelter you provide to hide my melancholy, I seek the solemn joys that once were kindled in the jasmine flame; the bloodied wine; the stain of red on whitened lips.
My home is where acolytes dance and whisper in angelic tongues. Soft shadows paint the mossy stone and hide beneath the ivy. When no place on this man's Earth is home, I come home to the places no man goes and seek the silent sentinel stone winged and open hand, given spectral life in the twilight, she moves and welcomes and sometime cries for those who cannot comprehend her watch, The Keeper of the silent secret. A hush more loud than death. More solemn are her marble eyes, more joyous is her message; look hard and we are one alone, fading into night. We draw in our welcome only to those that reside within the House of Death and the keeper thereof, who draped is velvet dark over her cold weathered form so that the stars won't see the stark, white beauty she is. Would is she could fly off with Him. Her massive wings thundering in the wind.
His darkness billowing around her, the first light of dawn framing their flight. The scarlet and amber, eerie and cool, peers into those forsaken corners where she once reigned and finds a marble ghost; An empty shell remains. Would only if she could flee her stoic watch. Would only if we could... STONE ANGEL.

 Juvy on the Trail of the Heart, Mt. Shasta
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