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We are the LIGHT that shines with Celestial wisdom and LOVE knowledge about our Mother Earth, Gaia, guiding us towards greater expansion of our consciousness LIFE.  Our mission is your Health

The biggest treasure that we search in Life is not outside, but to look in silence within the Self.



About Us


Juvenal Garcia is from Oaxaca, Mexico, and through his family traditions, learned healing and ways of living with nature.

Juvy learned part of his knowledge in the kitchen with his grandmother, watching her mix herbs, boil teas, and prepare wonderful healing meals. Juvy’s grandmother taught him secrets about how to help people.
Plants spoke to Juvy and taught him how to heal with nature. 
Juvy has been in the United States fourteen years helping people as a Nagual Curandero, His healing methods use herbs, food, and the Elements from nature: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and the Quintessence Spirit.  Juvy also works in the spiritual world with people’s Spirit in order to make a transformation for those in the process of healing.


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Andrew Allen is from Rexburg, Idaho and met Juvenal in San Francisco in Oct 2006. We are very excited about the many ways of healing that we offer.


Children of the Light was founded in June 2008. It started with a visit to the Mt. Shasta area by Juvenal in 2006 when he felt the healing powers of this magical place.

During a visit to Mt. Shasta in May 2008, the perfect place presented itself to us. We moved in June 17th and the house is now cleaned and setup for healing and comfort.

Juvy is holding workshops and ceremonies on a regular basis. Contact us to find out our next event.
Healing and Oracle Experiences

We're currently asking our blessed friends for some of their experiences with Children of the Light. If you have an experience you'd like to share and would like us to post it here, please e-mail us!