God Form

Children of the Light

Nagual Curandero/Sanador

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Shasta Faces
God Form
Death and LIFE.
I AM whose time begin with it.
I AM the center.
I AM the star that covers the infinite Sky.
I AM the seed.
I AM the song.
I AM the LIGHT; I will not die.
I AM the Numbers.
I AM Wisdom. 
I AM Magic.
Born as LOVE.
When I LOVE Mankind.
I AM misunderstood and attacked,
for they do not know
that I AM LOVE.
Dying recently in a hospital bed,
Journeyed HOME as LIGHT, while still alive.
Shown to me that we Men are all Gods.
Creators of our Own World.
Born from LIGHT each one is:
Men, Trees, Animals, Beasts,
Rocks, Crystals, all it is.
Water, Earth, Air, and Fire
with Spirit is.
Our neighbor to our eyes a stranger is.
We do not know who he may be.
Layers of ignorance our eyes cover
When we are ready to see
We might find out
That LOVE and LIGHT is in front of us.
So Hand in Hand
We will stop war and hatred
and the veils of ignorance will fall.
We will make a Heaven on Earth in this life.
GAIA as the Mother as the beginning was meant to be.
When you see the LIGHT that I see in you,
we will shine in LOVE as the One it is.
When two strangers meet with LOVE in their hearts
and begin sharing LOVE, they shine like a star
illuminating the infinite sky.
Take my hand and walk with me.
I AM the stranger that came from the LIGHT
to meet his Brother that in darkness is.
I AM here to guide you above all human thoughts.
Surrounding you with LOVE, we will make a Song
that will free all humankind
From all darkness
From illness to war.
Our hearts shining with LOVE.
Letting LIGHT guide all that's alive everywhere.
You are me and I AM you.
The End is just the Beginning.
Every person, every thing that has happened to me, makes me who I AM. You are my world. You are my LOVE. You are the LIGHT that I seek to see in me. You are the expression of God in front of myself. Beauty & LIGHT shine with LOVE on my God form.
Seasons' Greetings.